Outback Bushmen


Outback Bushmen

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Outback Bushmen portrays the most masculine, perfectly/naturally built, extraordinarily handsome and sensual men ever gathered.

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Outback Bushmen (2012)

A Freeman Masterpiece! Freeman’s genius is to find the right men to photograph and then tell an enthralling story with his vision from behind the camera. This volume is NOT to be missed.” (Roman Georgia , December 29, 2012)

Exquisite! Without a doubt,  has to be the best of this extraordinary series of books. Superb at every level. I would give it 10 stars.” ( WCG, December 2, 2012)

"The Finest of the Outback Series by Paul Freeman!

 Making a statement such as ‘the finest of the Outback Series’ is like praising gold within gold. Australian photographer Paul Freeman has managed to establish himself at the epitome of artists capturing the essence of maleness. He has published eight monographs whose focus is the male nude, and despite the fact that they are all based on models from around the same area, each book is refreshingly new in its approach. Freeman opens his book with an ‘enhanced’ poem -AFTER ALL by Henry Lawson (1867 – 1922) – that sings of the bushmen of the outback region. And that sets the very sophisticated tone for this large sized book of full color, black and white and sepia toned images. The quality of composition, lighting, mood and variation in spacing the images (some are close-ups of heads while most are full figures),  in settings for the most part outdoors make these, technically,  some of the most perfectly executed photographs in any collection. But on to the content.

OUTBACK BUSHMEN images the most masculine, perfectly/naturally built, extraordinarily handsome and sensual men ever gathered! These men are au naturel , usually unshaven or bearded, always avoiding the shaved bodies that have become so popular in other male photographic studies – these men are MEN, mostly fully nude, at times showing the mud and dirt of a day’s work, figures in repose, asleep, intensely making erotic eye contact with the viewer, being playful with each other, responding to the beauty of the Outback country – perhaps the same type of raw landscape that once graced the West in America!

It is difficult to imagine a more genuinely magnificent collection of men unfettered by current time, or distractions, or false poses. This is the beauty of Paul Freeman’s work – honest, celebratory, and deeply appreciative of man in his natural state of symbiosis with Nature. This monograph is a remarkable artistic achievement by one of our most important photographic artists." (Grady Harp, September 5, 2012)

Published August 2012, hardbound with dust jacket, 172 pages , 13×10″, 180 photographs