Paul Freeman is one of the most admired photographers of his generation, an important and astute recorder of the contemporary male nude image with a style that is undeniably his own. His latest book, Outback Dusk, is a collection of over one hundred and eighty fine art nude photographic portraits of men captured in Australian outback settings. Browse the photography collection, peruse the bookstore or purchase a collectable fine art print

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Censorship, Social Media, Privacy And The Internet

Besides the social media decency rules that restrict what may be shown, there are other reasons for censoring work on-line if your work involves showing real life people naked, no matter how artfully.

Manscaping the Modern Man

I am forever trying to convince potential models to grow back their natural body hair for a shoot, ‘Oh yeah, I know, you like guys with body hair ’ some say wearily, like I have some eccentricity, to which I reply ‘ no, it’s not that I like body hair, it’s that I like a model to be natural.