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Outback Brumby corrals the wild spirit of the lone men of the Australian Outback.

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Outback Brumby (2010)

“Absolute Perfection. No other words are needed to describe this magical work of art displaying real men, not models.” ( Amazon, March 12 2012)

” Truly a work of art as well as eroticism” ( Amazon, January 5, 2012)

“One of the most beautiful photography coffee tablebooks I have seen in a very long time. Paul Freeman is one of a kind” (J.H.D. Lan, January 29 2011)

“Yet another great book by Paul Freeman” (Eduardo E., October 4 2011)

While the first book in this series, Outback , captures  the imagination with a rollicking pictorial boys own adventure in the parched farming landscape of Australia, and Outback Currawong Creek explores the strong bonds forged between mates that work on the land, Outback Brumby corrals the wild spirit of the lone men of the Australian Outback.

A Brumby is a feral horse, nearly untamable, that populates parts of  the Outback. ”The breed of wild horse which provides the book’s title may be taken as a metaphor for the subjects Paul portrays: raw, sweat drenched, powerful males captured in their uninhibited glory. The stunning cover model, Nathan Kelly establishes the book’s dominant theme – devastatingly handsome, naked men at one with nature. The models are undoubtedly the most masculine yet contained in a Freeman work, hirsute, rugged and dynamic. Yet for all their machismo, there is a taste and intelligence which pervades Brumby.” (Andrew Nelson, see Reviews)

Outback Brumby, first published September 2010, re-printed August 2012, hardbound with dust jacket, 185 pages , 13×10″, 205 photographs