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Bondi Work


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Bondi Work, the third book of the series, focuses on the Australian male in the blue collar work environment.

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Bondi Work (2006)

In exquisitely lit raw and dirty factory environments, with moody natural light often filtered through dust-laden industrial windows Freeman takes us on a gorgeously colourful photo journey that assumes that almost religious and painterly quality which so often infuses his work. This time the factory is his cathedral and the reverence is for the working man depicted therein. There is no altar or high mass garments but here the simple attire and classical poise and agonized and brutal elegance of the everyday working man is what is being raised on high as holy by way of Freeman’s sensitive eulogy through his photo artistry. Once again apparent is the photographer’s remarkable relationship with his models, and that mutual artist/subject trust within the shoot environment, crucial to Freeman’s ability to captivate us with shared intimate moments of men who would not usually be found in front of a camera.

And your figure has been stiffened rigidly Into the proper shape. You are hung with costly things, You carry them about with you… And when you think of themYour little, muffled mind glows with satisfaction. But you are not half so beautiful For all your trouble, As the young workman who just went swinging down the street, His body lithe and strong and free as a whip in the wind! From the poem ‘Genius’ by Louis Saunders Perkins

Published October 2006, 216 pages, Hardcover.